Tuesday 31 January 2023

Skewers of minced beef meat with Pecorino cheese and ham

10 minutes to prepare to cookServes 4


Minced meat skewers are a quick and delicious second course, ideal for a dinner with family or friends.

The preparation of the dough is similar to the one of meatballs; we will thus mix the minced meat with breadcrumbs, parmesan, egg and add a little milk. The dough will then be spread on the parchment paper, stuffed with ham and cheese and rolled up. From the roll we will obtain slices to insert on the toothpicks. The skewers will then be decorated with chopped almonds and cooked in the oven.
Once ready, you can serve them with a simple mixed salad or with baked potatoes. Accompany the minced meat skewers also with mayonnaise, ketchup or barbecue sauce, to make them even more delicious.
You can replace the ham with mortadella or raw ham, or bacon and then use the soft cheese you prefer.

Here are ingredients for a 4-serving recipe:

450 g ground beef meat
100 g breadcrumbs
30 g Parmesan cheese
50 ml milk
1 egg
6 slices ham
6 slices Pecorino cheese
chopped almonds
  1. Place the minced meat, breadcrumbs, salt, egg, grated Parmesan and milk in a bowl and mix all the ingredients until well blended. Distribute the meat on the parchment paper
  2. Cover with another sheet of parchment paper and roll it out with a rolling pin
  3. Place the slices of ham and cheese on the minced meat and roll up gently with the parchment paper
  4. Cut the roll into slices and stick 3 swivels on each skewer. Transfer the skewers to the pan and sprinkle them with chopped almonds. Bake in the oven at 180°C for 15 minutes. Your skewers are ready to be served

Nutrition Facts are detailed in the table below. Data is provided per serving.

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