About me

My real name is not Babettes...I would say, luckily. I just decided to keep myself under partial cover, at least while we become more intimate (please read, I become more confident).

I have decided to start my blog under push of my Facebook friends. I used to publish pictures of dishes I prepared...you know, just for fun, no time for real commitment (please read, shy as always). Now that I'd read blogs for a while, I decided to give it a go myself. 

This blog will be mainly about kitchen, tasty cooking and nutrition related to food I love...but I won't be surprised whether it will gradually incorporate all-around details of my life. As love for beautiful things is easy to afloat. On here you're likely to find recipes, cooking tips, nutritional information and random suggestions for healthy lifestyle. If you want to ask me a question please feel free to leave a comment, you will always be welcome. 

Thanks for reading!