Tuesday 7 February 2023

White ragù

10 minutes to prepare  Serves 4

No tomato for once

White ragù is a sauce based on minced meat, herbs and broth, made without the addition of tomato sauce as in the classic Bolognese sauce (for this reason it is also called "white").

It is a great classic of Italian cuisine, ideal for dressing fresh pasta, such as tagliatelle, dry soft wheat pasta, filled pasta or even for filling white lasagna, with the addition of mozzarella and sautéed vegetables.
Easy to make, it is based on a few simple ingredients. The ground beef and the crumbled sausage are browned in a saucepan with a fragrant sautéed carrot, and onion, then blended and cooked in white wine and hot broth. The latter can be meat or even vegetable for a more delicate and light version.
In order for the ragù to be moist, full-bodied and to blend perfectly with the pasta, you can add a pinch of cornstarch to the meat. For a rich and tasty sauce, it is important to use top quality minced meat: you can opt for beef alone, add a part of pork, a sausage - like here -, or some bacon cubes. Finally, perfume everything with your favorite spices and aromas: rosemary, bay leaf, sage, parsley. 

Here's what you will need for the 4-serving recipe:

500 g minced meat
100 g sausage
100 ml white dry wine
1 carrot
1 shallot
500 ml meat broth
1 sprig rosemary 
5 bay leaves
EVO oil
salt and pepper

  1. Pour 2 tablespoons of EVO oil in a pan and place it over medium heat. When the oil is hot, add the shallot - chopped -, and let it become soft and golden
  2. Cut the skin of the sausage with the tip of a sharp knife and remove it. Cut the sausage into nibbles of equal size
  3. Add the grated carrot and braise it for a couple of minutes. Then, add the minced meat and the sausage, and let it braise until golden. Finally, pour the white wine and let it evaporate
  4. Add the boiling broth, cover with a lid and let it cook for 40 minutes
  5. Add rosemary and bay. Go on with the cooking for 10 minutes more
  6. Meanwhile boil pasta in salted water. Drain al dente and stir to mix well. Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts of this dish are right below. Data is provided per serving.

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