Tuesday 30 October 2018

Gnocchi with roasted pumpkin, ricotta cheese and cashew sauce

5 minutes to prepare Serves 4



This super creamy pumpkin sauce and cashew sauce is made easily in 10 minutes!
Pour over melt-in-your-mouth, pillowy-soft potato gnocchi for a delicious, elegant meal that’s easy enough for weeknights.

Gnocchi have always been heaven on a plate for me.
My mother used to prepare them with a traditional tomato and basil sauce every Thursday. Since then, I have enjoyed pairing potato gnocchi with various sauces – wild fennel pesto, chicory and saffron, mackerel fillets and Montasio cheese, and now, our new favorite in this house...a velvety roasted pumpkin puree sauce with ricotta cheese, cashews and cinnamon powder.

Combining the tender, cloud-like gnocchi with a smooth, rich pumpkin is the perfect meal to get in the fall spirit. Now that autumnal temperatures are reaching Milan, we can enjoy the flavors reminiscent of cooler climates.
Want to cook this comforting dish yourself?

ere are ingredients for
the 4-serving recipe:


1 kg gnocchi
300 g roasted pumpkin (see here how to prepare it)
200 g ricotta cheese
80 g cashews
1 teaspoon cinnamon powder
salt and pepper

  1. Boil water in a pot, and, once started to bubble, add salt
  2. Prepare the sauce: place the roasted pumpkin in a blender with ricotta cheese, salt, cinnamon powder and cashews. Blend until the mixture is smooth
  3. Meanwhile, boil gnocchi in salted water
  4. Drain gnocchi when afloat and pan-fry for a few moments with the sauce. Add some hot water, whether needed
  5. Serve hot with freshly ground pepper on top

Nutrition Facts are listed for this recipe in the table below. Data is provided per serving.

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