Tuesday 5 April 2016

Gnocchi with mackerel fillets, fennels, Montasio cheese and almonds

10 minutes to prepare Serves 4



Succulent, flavourful mackerel fillets are an ideal ingredient for a delicious, quick meal.
Mackerel fish is widely available in our waters and also quite cheap. It is tasty, healthy, quick and easy to prepare, and incredibly versatile.

In today's recipe mackerel is employed, together with fennels, Montasio cheese and toasted almonds, in a surprising first course. You will see, gnocchi will make the most of this gorgeous fish.
(Do you remember gnocchi? We introduced them to you right here)
Eating healthy doesn't mean boring and bland...and we will be ready in about 10 minutes!

ere are ingredients for
the 4-serving recipe:


1 kg gnocchi
500 g mackerel fish fillets
2 fennels
50 g Montasio cheese
1 glass white wine
1 shallot
1 sprig parsley
20 g sliced almonds
EVO oil
salt and pepper

  1. Boil water in a pot, and, once started to bubble, add salt
  2. Wash fennels and place them on a cutting board. With a sharp knife, remove the outer leaves - the hardest - and cut the fennels into many thin slices
  3. Cook fennels in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Then, drain them and keep aside
  4. Meanwhile, chop and braise the shallot with 2 tablespoons of EVO oil and salt
  5. Add mackerel fish fillets to the pan and cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes, adding salt, pepper and chopped fresh parsley. When mackerel has turned golden, add the fennel slices, too, and simmer with the glass of white wine until it evaporates. Stir-fry for another 3 minutes
  6. Meanwhile, boil gnocchi in salted water
  7. Toast the almonds in a pan with no seasoning 
  8. Drain gnocchi when afloat and pan-fry for a few moments with the mackerel and fennel seasoning
  9. Serve hot with 1 spoon of coarsely grated Montasio cheese, 1 handful of toasted almonds and freshly ground pepper on top

Nutrition Facts are listed for this recipe in the table below. Data is provided per serving.

Mom made the gnocchi #2

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