Tuesday 19 January 2016

Dark chocolate mousse with chopped butter cookies and blueberries

5 minutes prepare minutes to cook minutes to cool Serves 4



A crowd pleasing sweet treat that’s actually packed with nutrition, this dark chocolate mousse with chopped butter cookies and blueberries will be a hit whenever you serve it.

If you do not say anybody that you accidentally dropped a tin of Danish butter cookies from the shelf, that you reduced to broken bits its entire content...no one will guess that this is the origin of this amazing dessert.
Whipped cream and cream cheese give this mousse body and creamy texture. Blueberries mitigate its sweetness with their delicate sourness. Dark chocolate contributes with its bitter and soft taste.

Watch kids scarf it down and ask for more, not realizing it takes just 15 minutes to prepare it...they could possibly have it everyday!

Here are ingredients for a 4-serving recipe:


100 g sugar
200 g blueberries
140 g dark chocolate
100 ml milk
200 ml fresh milk cream
4 gelatine sheets
150 g cream cheese
24 Danish butter cookies

  1. Pour 1/2 cup of water in a medium bowl and dunk the gelatine sheets in it. Let them soften about 5 minutes
  2. Cut dark chocolate into small pieces and place it in a medium bowl
  3. Pour the milk into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Then, wring out the gelatine sheets and add it to the milk. Slowly stir until gelatine melts
  4. Pour everything into the bowl with the dark chocolate. Stir constantly until the chocolate melts completely. Let it cool down
  5. Pour the fresh cream into your bowl. Use a whisk to whip the cream with wide strokes, which will get more air into the cream and help fluff it up it faster. When the cream starts to thicken, add sugar and continue to whip until soft peaks form
  6. Add cream cheese to the chocolate mixture and stir to mix well. Finally, add also the whipped cream and stir gently with a spoon. Set aside
  7. Chop butter cookies
  8. Assemble dark chocolate mousse cups: place 1 tablespoon of dark chocolate mousse in each glass and level well. Add a layer of chopped cookies about half a centimeter thick. Top with another spoon of chocolate mousse and level again. Place blueberries on top, then add and level a final layer of mousse. Garnish with some chopped cookies
  9. Chill until firm, at least 15 minutes, then serve

Nutrition Facts are detailed in the table below. Data is provided per serving.

In the early 1900s, the French post-impressionist artist, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, who was also an experienced cook, created the first Mousse au Chocolat, first known as Mayonnaise de Chocolat.

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