Tuesday 23 June 2015

Couscous with zucchini and cream of peas and mint

15 minutes to prepare Serves 4



During the summer you feel like eating fresh and colorful dishes.
Fresh means that they do not require the stove burning for too long. Colorful in the sense that they feature seasonal, super-green vegetables, such as zucchini and peas.

The combination of peas, mint and zucchini is infallible, trust me. It is just a matter of picking the right ingredients: they are few, they better be unexceptionable! If you can not find fresh and tender peas, it is better to use frozen ones...but the mint leaves need to be very tasty. Why not to keep a plant on your terrace? A mint jar is cheap and can also beautify your summer table.

In this recipe, all these green vegetables enrich the couscous with great taste and few calories. The recipe takes inspiration from the one published on Cucchiaio. Easy, fast and exquisite. Ready?

Here are ingredients for the 4-serving recipe:


280 g couscous
250 g frozen peas
6 zucchini
30 leaves of fresh mint
EVO oil
salt and pepper

  1. Place half of the mint leaves and 400 ml of cold water in a medium saucepan. Bring to boil and time 5 minutes since you see bubbles rising to the water surface. Add a pinch of salt
  2. Put the couscous in a bowl. Pour hot water (without mint leaves) over it. Let the couscous to swell for 10 minutes, covered by a lid
  3. Add 2 tablespoons of EVO oil to the couscous. As couscous grains tend to bind together in the cooking process, fluff them with a fork
  4. Boil frozen peas in salted water for the time indicated on the package (usually about 5 minutes)
  5. Meanwhile, cut zucchini longitudinally in two and remove the soft inner part using a spoon. Keep aside the inner part and dice the rest
  6. Braise chopped zucchini with 1 tablespoon of EVO oil and salt. Let them to cook over high heat for a few minutes, then add freshly ground pepper
  7. Drain the peas and place them in a blender. Add zucchini's inside part, the rest of fresh mint, 2 tablespoons of EVO oil and 4 tablespoons of cold water. Blend all the ingredients to obtain a cream not too smooth, then add salt according to your taste
  8. Mix the couscous with the cream of peas and the braised zucchini over medium heat. As soon as it is warm, serve immediately

Nutrition Facts are listed for this recipe in the table below. Data is provided per serving.

緑 - Midori.

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