Friday, 29 May 2015

Nua cake with Nutella and white chocolate cream

20 minutes to prepare Serves 14

"Let's face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot 

for a lot of people;  it does for me."


Nua cake is a moist, sponge-like cake which has been popular on internet for a while.
Its particularity is the following: generally, the cream is used as a filling for cakes already baked; in Nua cake, instead, the cream is added with a spoon on top of the cake dough before it is baked. Of course, while baking, the cream melts and mixes with the pastry...
This cake is easy to make, incredibly tasty and the result is always good: a soft, fragrant cake that you can personalize as you wish, just by changing the type of cream!

Today I tried it with a double cream filling: Nutella and white-chocolate cream. To confirm Nua cake's ductility, let me just tell you the reason why I chose this two-fold cream: my husband emptied half of the Nutella jam without notifying me. I found it out when I opened it...and I had to find a solution, quickly. Thus, I replaced the "missing" Nutella with an additional white-chocolate cream. Nevertheless, this combination resulted amazing!!


Here are ingredients for a 14-serving recipe (26-cm diameter baking pan):

For the pastry 

200 g sugar
280 g flour 00
20 g cocoa
1 sachet vanilla baking powder
100 ml milk
130 ml seed oil 
4 eggs

For the filling

270 g Nutella
125 g milk
1 egg yolk
125 g white chocolate
10 g flour 00
25 g sugar

  1. Preheat oven to 160°
  2. Beat eggs with sugar until stiff for about 15 minutes 
  3. Sift and gradually incorporate all the dry ingredients (cocoa, flour, baking powder) alternating them with pastry's liquid ingredients (milk and oil). Meanwhile, keep mixing with an electric beater until smooth 
  4. To prepare the white chocolate cream, beat the egg yolk with sugar with an electric mixer until mixture is puffy and fluffy. Heat the milk in a saucepan and add it to the mixture of egg and sugar
  5. Incorporate the sifted flour and beat with a whisk to have no lumps. Transfer the mixture into a saucepan, add the chopped white chocolate and melt over low heat. Mix well and work it with a whip until the cream thickens
  6. Transfer the white chocolate cream into a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap. Let the cream to cool
  7. Grease and flour the baking pan, pour and level the mixture. Take both the white chocolate cream and the Nutella. Spread mounds of both the creams with a spoon, covering the entire surface of the cake
  8. Bake the cake at 160° for 45 minute. (Do not open the oven for at least the first half of the baking time and perform the toothpick test at the end, to be sure baking is done)
  9. Leave the cake to cool a bit in the oven with the door open, then out of the oven. Garnish the top with some icing sugar, if you like

Nutrition Facts are detailed in the table below. Data is provided per serving.

Marmalade or dark chocolate cream? Maybe yogurt?
Which filling are you going to try? Let me know, I am curious!

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