Tuesday 28 May 2019

Pasta with fava peas, sausage and toasted almonds

10 minutes to prepare Serves 4




Known as fave in Italy, fava beans are enjoyed and celebrated in any different ways when they come into season.

Today I’ve tried to be a bit creative with them in this pasta recipe and I promise that it will convert anybody who declares they dislike these beans. Crispy sausage, toasted almonds and Parmesan cheese are the best to highlight their sour taste!
And if you treat them with respect and don’t over-cook them, you’ll enjoy their delicate flavor at its best.

This recipe is super easy, yet packed with flavor!

Here's what you will need for the 4-serving recipe:

320 g pasta
200 g fresh fava beans
150 g sausage
1 onion
50 g Parmesan cheese
50 g peeled almonds
salt and pepper
EVO oil

  1. Pour 500 ml of water in a large pot and bring to boil. As soon as the water boils, add salt and  the fava beans. Let them cook for about 5 minutes
  2. Remove the beans from the heat and drop them into an ice-water bath for an immediate cool down. Drain the cooled beans and remove the tough outer skins with a knife
  3. Chop the onion. Then, pour 2 tablespoons of EVO oil in a pan and, when it is hot, braise it for a couple of minutes
  4. Add the beans, a pinch of salt, freshly ground pepper and let it cook for 15 minutes, adding some boiling water whether necessary
  5. Cut the skin of the sausage with the tip of a sharp knife and remove it. Cut the sausage into nibbles of equal size
  6. In a hot pan, braise the sausage and let it become golden. Then, keep aside
  7. Toast the almonds in a pan with no seasoning 
  8. Boil water in a pot, add salt and once started to bubble, pour pasta. Make them cook for about 10 minutes (please refer to the cooking time specified on the package)
  9. Drain pasta al dente and stir it for a few moments with the fava beans and the sausage. Serve hot with some Parmesan cheese and toasted almonds on top

In the following, Nutrition Facts of this dish are indicated. Data is provided per serving.

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