Tuesday 15 December 2020

Pizza with pumpkin cream, Pecorino cheese, porcini mushrooms and truffle honey

15 minutes to prepare  Serves 4

Pizza + Pumpkin + Truffle = Heaven

Pumpkin, porcini mushrooms, truffle honey, nutmeg powder and pecorino cheese flavor this delightful, well-seasoned pizza.
It’s fast enough for weeknights yet flavorful enough for gluttonous guests.

If you come over to my house on a regular basis, you know I LOVE pizza.
When I read the description of this particular pizza on an online menu, I was too intrigued not to try replicate it.
What I found was this crazy pizza was off the wall delicious!

Before I even finished eating it, I sent the picture to my sis, and she begged me to make it again, and soon, for her, too.

While her version was a little different (ricotta cheese instead of Pecorino, and truffle oil instead of honey), she was equally as pleased with the outcome.
I mean, who doesn’t love a snazzy pizza? 

Here are ingredients for a 4-serving recipe (4 pizzas):

1 kg pizza dough divided into 4 balls (you may find here my pizza dough recipe and here my recipe for sourdough pizza)
400 g pecorino cheese
500 g pumpkin
400 g frozen porcini mushrooms
nutmeg powder
dry rosemary
truffle honey
EVO oil
salt and pepper

  1. Peel the pumpkin and cut it into slices. The, cut them into small cubes, about 1 cm, and keep aside
  2. Pour 1 tablespoon of EVO oil in a pan, add the pumpkin and let it cook for 15 minutes, adding some water whether necessary
  3. Finally, blend the pumpkin until you obtain a smooth cream, adding salt, rosemary and nutmeg powder according to taste
  4. Slice Pecorino cheese
  5. When you are ready to bake the pizzas, take the dough out of the fridge, leaving at least 1 hour and half for it to warm up and get pliable
  6. Preheat oven to 270°C (or, better, as far as oven temperatures go)
  7. Generously dust the counter with semolina flour. Make the pizzas one at a time. Dip your hands in flour and lift a ball of dough. Very gently lay the dough across your fists and carefully stretch it by bouncing the dough in a circular motion on your hands, carefully giving it a little stretch with each bounce. Once the dough has expanded outward, move to a full toss. When the dough is stretched out to your satisfaction (about 25 cm in diameter), lay it on the baking tray covered by baking paper
  8. Top each pizza with some pumpkin cream and sprinkle frozen porcini mushrooms over
  9. Bake the pizza for about 10 minutes. If the top gets done before the bottom, you will need to move the baking tray to a lower self before the next round
  10. Few minutes before pizzas are done, add Pecorino cheese on top, and let it melt
  11. Remove the pizza from the oven and transfer it to a wooden cutting board. Add some truffle oil, freshly ground pepper, and enjoy!

Nutrition Facts are detailed in the table below. Data is provided per serving.

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