Tuesday 1 January 2019

Hopeful New Year

Hopeful New Year


Each of us lives in a constant tension: we know we are alive but we also know that our being is precarious, because along the way there is the abyss of death.

Life is not following a destiny, life is building it. This is why the engine of all our actions is Hope.
We need to be reassured that our existence has meaning, we need someone telling us "it's nice that you are here".
We need to ignore what will happen and to commit ourselves to something, in the tension between the happiness of feeling emotions, living, loving and the fear of falling into nothingness.

The possibility of changing feeds hope, and feeling unsatisfied strengthens it. We can enjoy what fate gives us only by facing pain, if we are not paralyzed by the fear, if we do not take refuge in regrets.
We live if we hope.
To hope is not optimism, but to fight for dreams and to live sincerely, according to what we deeply feel. Hope is a gift but also requires effort.

New Year celebrations ritualize human hope.
We dress with an old garment, a new one and something red, hoping for fertility; we eat small things like lentils as a wish for abundant profits. The horoscope predicts the whole year.
We ritualize hope, to renew life.
Hope is nourished by novelty, because the New makes daily life happy. Not new products and objects, not new things which then get damaged. Not confirming our ego through new likes and views, which leave our solitude unchanged.

Novelty is not outside, it's comes through love.
Love for people who open up new perspectives in each conversation. Love for the ones who console our solitude with their hugs.
Love for those who give us new hope and courage to try our best, without expecting to change us.

My New Year resolution is to love.
Stupidly, blindly, without pride or brakes. To believe in dreams, with courage. To keep asking for hugs.
I am fearful, confused and weak. And I simply wish love will make me hope that an Happy ending is still possible.

Hopeful New Year, my friends.

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