Tuesday 14 March 2017

Risotto with artichokes and cream of Brie cheese

15 minutes to prepare Serves 4



Thorns. Ouch.

I have often wondered who was the first person to realize that eating an artichoke was a good idea.

I mean, everything about artichokes suggests that it doesn't want to be eaten.
How else would you explain the armor-like petals, the prickly thorns, and throat-clogging choke?
It's enough to scare off even the most intrepid cook.

But the reality is that preparing artichokes is easy as long as you know how to go about it. Like a lion tamer, with the right tools and approach, you will prevail.
So, equip yourself with patience - and a sharp knife -, your prize is a delicious risotto with artichokes and Brie cheese. Something definitely worth it!

Here's what you will need for the 4-serving recipe:

320 g Carnaroli rice 
1 shallot
2 lemons
125 g cream of Brie cheese
50 g  Parmesan cheese
1 l boiling water
4 artichokes
30 ml brandy
EVO oil
salt and pepper

  1. Before you start, fill a large bowl with cold water. Squeeze the lemons into it and drop the lemon halves into the water
  2. In a pan pour 1 tablespoon of EVO oil, add a finely chopped shallot with a pinch of salt and pan-fry for a couple of minutes
  3. Pour the rice into the pan and let it toast for 1 minute
  4. Simmer it with the brandy until it evaporates
  5. Cook the rice, adding a spoonful of boiling vegetable broth at a time, as for a normal risotto, (please refer to the cooking time indicated on the rice package)
  6. Meanwhile, clean the artichokes: pull the outermost leaves until you get down to the lighter yellow leaves. Then, using a serrated knife, cut off the top third or so of the artichoke.
    With the same serrated knife, trim the very bottom of the stem, then trim its tough outer portion by cutting away the fibrous green exterior to reveal the light, tender center. Finally, cut the artichoke into thin slices, so that it takes few minutes to cook them
  7. When half of rice's cooking time has passed, add the artichokes and go on with the cooking
  8. Take off the heat and add the cream of Brie cheese and Parmesan cheese. Mix well, then serve immediately!

In the following, Nutrition Facts of this dish are indicated. Data is provided per serving.

"vous ne risquez pas d'être un légume puisque même les artichauts ont du cœur !*"
(Amélie Poulain, Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain)

*You couldn't even be a vegetable — even artichokes have a heart!

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